Secure watch case-back

Our replicas watch case-back is made of a solid 904L stainless steel which screws hermetical to the case like a Submarine door. Swiss made silicon sealant gaskets and O rings that are very durable to corrosion and cracking are maximizing the sealing performance of our watches. This sealing keeps the watch movement in perfect working environment and no water or dust can enter inside the case to damage it.

Screw down Crown

A screw down crown with Swiss synthetic rubber (O-ring) seals is fitted with a double or triple seals gasket that repels dust and water and makes the watch water resistant up to 300 meters. The Rolex crown emblem is carved out from one solid piece of stainless exactly like real thing.

Waterproof Tested One by One

100% waterproof replica watches. All Bestclones watches are individually waterproof tested to 100 meters of water depth. This process involves dry and wet pressure testing of the watch to ensure its waterproofness. Our dive models are tested to an impressive 300 meters of water depth and they are fitted with extra thick Sapphire crystal and even a full working Helium Release Valve. The valve opens and allows the helium to escape the watch case. So relax and enjoy your new Swiss watch at sea with confidence.